Amber, the editor…

John W. Jenkins is a retired minister, artist, poet, beekeeper, fly fisherman, reader, and thinker.

Come Sit with Me

Come Sit with Me as I share my stories…from my journals, Southwest travels, people, animals, beauty, and my religious and philosophical musings. Some are tragedies, but most tell of happy and humorous times.

Come Walk with Me ….remembrances of my youth, explorations of my views of people, nature, and my religious and philosophical musings, serious and not so serious.
Winner: New Mexico Arizona Book Awards – Philosophy

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Catching a Dream John and Doris Jenkins’ journey across America in 1985. John bicycled and Doris drove their Datsun camper from Oregon to Virginia – 3,960 miles – along the TransAmerica Bicycle Trail.

Doris WhiteWolf McFadden is a wolf activist, dog trainer, and educator. She embodies the Spirit of the Wolf, the Voice of the Raven and the Courage of the Lone Ranger.

Wolf Howl, Raven Speak
WhiteWolf shares her passion for wolves and ravens through her poems, stories, and art.


  • Amber excels as a critic and editor. She is sensitive to the work, subject matter, and the writer. She considers consistency, voice, and tense, and has an eagle eye for the minutiae. Amber provides encouragement and support to the writer. Cybele S.
  • Amber Polo has professionally edited three of my books. I am temped to say her work has been perfect. I’m especially proud that “Come Sit with Me” was a finalist in the New Mexico-Arizona Book awards. Rev. John Jenkins
  • Amber is my angel helping me get “Big War Little Wars” out by my deadline. Arlene Eisenbise
  • Amber curated my poems, stories and sketches, edited them, and created “Wolf Howl, Raven Speak,” a book capturing the essence of my heartfelt feelings for the threatened wolf. Doris WhiteWolf McFadden