5 Favorite Alternate History Novels

“Reading alternative history makes me feel normal and answers my craving for “What If” answers.” Amber Polo

Here’s my top Five – Each a favorite for different reasons.

Five Recent books show a genre that’s alive and evolving:

  • American Hippo by Sarah Gailey What if Congress thought bringing hippopotami to Louisiana would solve the country’s food problems.
  • The Clash of Eagles Trilogy by Alan Smale (Clash of Eagles, Eagles in Exile, Eagle and Empire) What if the Roman Empire survived and invaded the North American city of Cahokia in 1218 CE.
  • Empire of Lies by Raymond Khoury What if the Ottoman Empire never fell?
  • American Royals series by Katharine McGee  A rom-com that supposes George Washington took the offer to become America’s king and what if the White House is now filled with his millennial descendants.
  • Lent: a Novel of Many Returns by Jo Walton What if Girolamo Savanarola’s life was a miracle?

Sample some early alternative history stories:–

Another List – The Most Unusual Alternative History Novels Ever Published – Emily Stamm

“Alternative Histories of the World” by Matthew Buchholz – a hard to classify, beautifully illustrated, delight of a book depicting a history slightly changed to include dinosaurs, zombies, and monsters. Imagine the Great Chicago Fire started by a Martian flying saucer, a monster tipping the Tower of Pisa, a metallic robot-Cortez meeting Moctezuma, and more.

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