Character Interviews

Shipsfeather Public Library

Liberty Cutter, Library Director
Taxiarchai Angus Xenophon McCasson, Head of Circulation
Bliss D. Light, Children’s Librarian
Julianna Eisenberg von Noir, Young Adult Librarian
Cecil Miller, Audio-Visual Librarian
Webster Bartlett, Reference Librarian
Rose Wilson, Assistant Reference Librarian
Casanova Theodore Moon, Assistant Reference Librarian
Constantina Magruder, Head of Cataloging
Gertrude McLeish, Assistant Cataloger
Avery Blackwell, Assistant Cataloger
Don Demco, Acquisitions Librarian
Lily Q. Mumford, retired librarian
Aldwyn Chisholm, retired librarian and night janitor
Heidi, Emma, Bambi, Rebecca, and Carrie, Pages

Shipsfeather Academy and Athenaeum

Gregory Chronus Manchester III, Headmaster (Old English Sheepdog)
Griswald von Gruenwold, Library Director (German Shepherd)
Godiva Anglesey, Interlibrary Loan Librarian (Chocolate Labrador Retriever)
Marishka Petrova, Head or Security, Acquisitions Librarian (Borzoi)
Tara and Teague O’Toole, Reference Librarians (Irish Wolfhound twins)
Cynerik Trent-Croft, Security Capt., Research Librarian (English Mastiff)
Dr.Thaddeus Perrot, MD, DVM (Bloodhound)
Prof. Fleming DuBois, Dean (Bouvier des Flandres)
Prof. Jean-Paul Moreau, Romance Languages (Standard Poodle)
Pacifico Lopez, Head of Technology, President of Zoogle, Inc. (Chihuahua)
Vincenzo Imhoff, Head Barista – Starbarks and Starbooks (St. Bernard)

Shipsfeather Werewolf Pack

Harold Dinzelbacher, Bank President, Chairman of Library Commission, (Wolf-dog hybrid, Pack Beta Male)
Sybilla Romano Dinzelbacher, LLD, Restaurateur (Black wolf, Beta Female)
Elsie Dustbunnie, Librarian Emeritus (Alpha Wolf)
Mayor Rhoda Sue Rufus, Town Mayor (Red wolf)
Manfred Ulfamer, Architect (Wolf)
Foly O’Hurley, Demolition Contractor, Volunteer Fire Chief (Wolf)
Helga Burney, WWWD Bookclub Chair, former Head of Circulation (Human werewolf-groupie)

Characters will be interviewed individually on Amber’s Wordshaping blog