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Relaxing the Writer (the book)

Praise by writers and writing teachers for Relaxing the Writer

Relaxing the Writer
“Authors, have you watched yourself write? Quit looking like Quasimodo; Relaxing the Writer is an enlightening must-read for writers at all stages of their careers..” ~ Rowena Cherry, E.P. I.C. Award for “Friend of ePublishing” (2010)

“Imagine expert sessions, all gathered into one guidebook. This is an amazing value.”
~ Laurie Schnebly Campbell, writing teacher, online & live, author of Believable Characters

“Relaxing the Writer will be high on my list of recommendations to my readers and clients whose creative juices are running low.” ~ Carolyn Howard-Johnson, novelist, poet and author of the award-winning How To Do It Frugally series for writers

“Packed full of relaxation tips, not just for writers – but for all people who work with their hands. You’ll be recommending this book!” ~ Kari Thomas, award-winning paranormal romance author

“Excellent tips to create the perfect writing storm. By optimizing the writing environment and the writer’s inner space, stress and tension are released, opening many creative doors” ~ Maggie Toussaint, award-winning author

“Bridging the mind-body connection, Amber Polo’s Relaxing the Writer treats the whole writer, providing specialized relaxation techniques for increased health and enhanced creativity. A must-have for every writer’s how-to bookshelf.” ~ Kris Neri, Lefty Award-nominated author of High Crimes on the Magical Plane and co-owner of The Well Red Coyote


Relaxing the Writer is the one tool I can recommend without qualification to any writer, whether just starting out or a veteran of the industry. Don’t sit down at you desk without this one!” Donna Ball, author of over 100 novels

“I love that Polo gives me options on how I can incorporate the Active, Meditative, and Sensual Artistic areas into MY life. She suggests not only aerobic activities, but music to write to … I love that Relaxing the Writer had some practical wisdom about how to sit, where to place your computer, and how to create a comfortable work environment with aromatherapy and good lighting. Read how to make relaxation a priority for you.” ~ Doris Anne Roop-Benner for Story Circle Book Reviews

“… a godsend for writers, who spend their days indoors seated at a computer. Polo says, ‘relaxation can be learned’ and she includes a range of relaxation methods that are easy to understand and implement. By becoming more relaxed, writers can also increase their connection to their creative source and enhance productivity. Relaxing the Writer is an excellent resource for writers and other professionals, whose jobs require long hours of sitting at a computer.” ~ Karen Mueller Bryson, playwright and novelist

“Writing can be tough work both mentally and physically. As someone who spends 8 to 10 hours a day writing or doing other work at my computer, I was happy to learn some new techniques for easing stress on mind and body. The hand stretches are especially helpful. Recommended for writers or anyone else who spends long hours at the computer.” ~ Dana Smith,”The Savvy Book Marketer”

“I enjoyed this book very much and recommend it to all writers and anyone who spends hours sitting in front of a computer. There are exercises you can do at your desk, breathing exercises, Yoga, aromatherapy, ideas for mental stress and physical tension, and my favorite, section IV–Exploring Other Attractions, which includes three categories: active, meditative and sensual artistic. Loved it!” ~ Sybyl White

“…a guide to putting oneself in the best possible mood to write. Chapters cover everything from ergonomics to easy-to-use stretches, aromatherapy, massage, meditation, using music or sound to one’s benefit, tai chi, weight training, and even & “apps to relax” that can be found on iPhones, iPods, or iPads.An easy-to-follow resource for improving the quality of surroundings outside the writer, the better to coax out the writer’s internal creativity, Relaxing the Writer is highly recommended.” ~ Midwest Book Review

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Praise for Relaxing the Writer Relaxation CD

“This CD has helped me through divorce, bankruptcy, relocation, and high stress jobs; I’m not sure what I’d do without it. Amber’s voice is gentle and reassuring. She guides you through a progressive relaxation of all of your muscles, then helps you quiet your mind. The first track is to use during the day when you want to relax and prepare for the day; the second is for drifting off to sleep. I use the second track nearly every night. Highly recommended!” ~ J W