Outtakes – Released

Elsie Dustbunnie’s Retirement Party

An outtake from Released

“Thank Melville,” Liberty Cutter whispered, glancing through the crowd at the withered woman who looked as old as the long deceased Mr. Dewey. Elsie Dustbunnie’s retirement ritual would soon be over. For seven years, Liberty had counted the months, days, weeks, and hours until the disagreeable Director of the Shipsfeather Public Library stepped down.

Elsie had run the blood-red brick Carnegie library for over thirty years. She knew where all the books were and where the town skeletons were buried.

Liberty planned every detail of Elsie’s party from the commemorative program booklet to the beige paper napkins. Now guests from all over Ohio filled the library, more out of fear of Elsie’s flawless memory than an obligation to honor the vintage librarian.

Serious-suited men and women in flowered dresses filled the main reading room as tight as an over-crowded book shelf. The town’s dedicated bibliophiles and devoted bookworms had better things to do than put on the dog for the meanest woman to ever send out an overdue notice. Read more…

Liberty’s First Blind Date – with a Librarian

An outtake from Released

Liberty pulled on slacks and a cotton blouse appropriate for Sunday brunch in the country, sorry she’d ever agreed to this blind date deal. She’d only agreed because in her heart she knew Bliss D. Light, the library’s New Agey children’s librarian, was right. She had no life. From the day she’d been hired as Dustbunnie’s Assistant she’d focused on becoming director of the Shipsfeather Library. Now with the new director on board, she still did all the work for none of the credit. Or money. On top of that she felt like a failure for being unable to keep the books in order. How dumb was that?

If she began looking for another job, her resume wouldn’t read much better than it had seven years ago. Despite all her work since Elise retired, she had the exact same title. She knew she was emotionally attached to this beautiful library. Not that she didn’t doubt her judgment. Would a sane librarian sit in a dark library talking to a dog?

On Friday, Bliss had deposited a stack of books on her desk; Blind Dating for Fun, Find your Perfect Mate on a Blind Date, and Channel Your Twin Soul and a list of selected blind-dating websites and blogs. Last night Liberty checked a few, then stayed up too late working on the budget.

Determined to enjoy the day, she got into her blue Subaru and set out for brunch with Blind Date Number One. How could she not have a good time on such a beautiful Sunday. Plus, the guy she was to meet had come in tops in the staff “Dates with Liberty” database. Leave it to her helpful staff to turn her personal life into a research assignment. Read more…

Liberty’s Second Blind Date with a Library Salesman

An outtake from Released

The next morning, as Liberty came out of Belle’s office and literally bumped into Taxi, the library’s quirky Head of Circulation, notorious for his outrageous bowling shirts.
“You look in shock,” he observed, followed her to the empty staff lounge, and watched her make a cup of Lily’s lavender tea. “What has Belle done now?”

Liberty sat and stared blankly at the wall. “She’s arranged for me to give a talk at the Southern Central Ohio Assistant Public Librarians quarterly meeting. I have no time for that. I have to plan the conversion.”

“But that’s good. Right?”

“Well, yes. A SCOAPLA talk would look good on my resume. If I live through it.”

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