Just for Fun

This is the page for me to share some things I think are fun.

What’s more fun than a free read!

From Latte to Love

A not-so-short short story (21,000 words) that pokes gentle fun at two young writers who meet in Starbucks.

High school poetry teacher, Elaine, writes paranormal fantasy romances. Brian is a brilliant computer game designer and hopeful science fiction writer. As these shy strangers steal glances over laptops and Starbucks’ lattes, will fantasy turn to romance? Can Elaine’s gentle but powerful white witch heroine, Tranquility, subdue Brian’s alpha male hero, Duke Starmaster? Can Elaine and Brian leave their imaginary worlds long enough to fall in love? … read more

♥ A Quiz

How to Tell if Your Dog Is a Shifter?

Don’t we all want to know?

♥ Excerpts from:

Old Librarian’s Almanac 1774 by Edmund Lester Pearson

My, how libraries have changed!